As a qualified EdForce™ candidate, we will be your advocate to help ensure you find a career track that meets your expectations. Whether you are approaching college graduation, recently received your degree, or you are an experienced educator, EdForce™ can help you secure and maintain a part-time or full-time instructional position.

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Professional Development

EdForce™ provides individualized support to all our placements with hands-on coaching from experts with over 20 years of teaching and human capital management experience. We also provide hours of high quality, online interactive courses in areas like classroom management, curriculum and instruction. In addition, EdForce™ provides an interactive online community that allows placements across the nation to connect, share experiences, and provide support.


Alternative Certification

We provide guidance and advice on gaining alternative teaching certification for those who want to teach in the school setting but come from a non-traditional background or other career paths. Instead of starting over, learn how you can leverage your current degree or profession into a new career in education!