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PCGers Donate $25,000 to Los Patojos

          In February, the children of Los Patojos, a school in Jocotenango, Guatemala, started their new school year.  PCG staff wanted to give back by supporting 30+ children for yet another year.  After donating $18,000 last year, PCG Cares stepped up and donated $25,000 to support an entire class of students for one full school year. The donations assist in paying for meals, medical care, curriculum, supplies, etc. 



          Lost Patojos has been dreamed into existence by Juan Pablo Romero Fuentes.  He started the program in his parents garage where kids in his community could come during the day or after school to be safe, enjoy a healthy meal and learn through creative games and activities.  Since that first year in his parents garage, Juan Pablo has established two schools with donated buildings and land, where over 400 children learn, grow, and thrive.  Juan Pablo and the PCG team believe that children who are provided basic necessities, such as food, shelter, and medical care, are willing and able to learn the skills necessary to become strong and independent members of society.  PCG is proud to partner with Juan Pablo to help build the future of Guatemala one child at a time.



          His dream, vision, and passion has truly been contagious.  "Thank you for helping us to rebuild our society and country," says Juan Pablo, speaking to PCG staff.  "I know and believe that during the last four years we have been building a solid team that is ready to start implementing the ideas and advice we have received from you all.  We will be ready to make a national impact and will inspire and motivate more people.  We will have an effective educational system ready for the kids to finish their educational process and go to universities to start their own businesses!  We are getting there!"



          Last year, our very own Lesley Rueb, Program Director of Partnerships, traveled to to Guatemala to join the Los Patojos Project Team.  This year, PCG Cares announced that staff member, Hilary Price-King from Arizona, will be taking the same trip. 

          To learn more about Los Patojos, listen to Juan Pablo’s interview with NPR’s John Burnett, “Seeds Of Maya Genius Grow In A New Kind Of School”, aired on All Things Considered on October 9, 2018.