Victoria “Vickie” Oakley knew at a young age that she wanted to become a teacher to help children learn how to read.  Growing up in Alexandria, VA, right outside of Washington D.C., she suffered from dyslexia, a learning di...

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Team Attends National AfterSchool Association (NAA) Convention

       Last week, members of the U.I. team traveled to Atlanta, GA for three days of networking and learning at the NAA Annual Convention.  Working booth #417 and showcasing U.I.’s EPIC™ summer camps and afterschool programs were Lisa CraigSummer Tarpley, (both Staunton) and Irene Bailey (Remote).  The team also informed attendees of PCG's EdForce staffing solution.  NAA reaches more than 520,000 afterschool professionals who impact more than four million students, roughly half of all the children that participate in afterschool programs.

       Not only did they work the booth, but Lisa, Summer, and Irene also led a session titled “Afterschool is EPIC with Activity-Based Learning!” In the session, an engaging activity called “Catapult Math” was presented by the team so attendees could see an example of what PCG’s out-of-school programs entail.  By the end of the session, each attendee had their own catapult that they had created.

       The theme this year was “Lead the Charge,” which fits with PCG Education’s services as we are trying to revolutionize and lead the way K-12 students reach their academic potential.


Summer at the PCG Education booth