Victoria “Vickie” Oakley knew at a young age that she wanted to become a teacher to help children learn how to read.  Growing up in Alexandria, VA, right outside of Washington D.C., she suffered from dyslexia, a learning di...

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PCGers Donate $18,000 to Los Patojos

        Last year, PCG was thrilled to support Los Patojos, a school in Jocotenango, Guatemala.  Los Patojos takes an approach to education that resonates strongly with PCG’s approach to the public sector: they focus on the "whole child" and believe that children cannot reach their full potential without sustainable support in the areas of health, social services, technology AND education. 

        Since last year, Juan Pablo Romero Fuentes, founder and director of Los Patojos, not only continued operations in Jocotenango, but also begin work on a new location.  PCG’s goal is to help turn Juan Pablo's vision and methodology into a reproducible model that will improve communities across Guatemala. 

        The progress we have helped created so far is astounding and we could not be prouder to announce PCGers recently donated $18,000 to the Los Patojos initiative.

        Last year, Stafford Dougan, part of the Public Partnerships division of PCG, had the experience of a life time joining the Los Patojos Project Team and volunteering in Guatemala!

Stafford reading to a young Guatemalan girl 

        This year, PCG Cares was happy to announce that our very own Lesley Rueb, Program Director of Partnerships, will be traveling to Guatemala to join the Los Patojos Project Team on their next trip. 

Learn more about PCG's visit and Los Patojos.