Victoria “Vickie” Oakley knew at a young age that she wanted to become a teacher to help children learn how to read.  Growing up in Alexandria, VA, right outside of Washington D.C., she suffered from dyslexia, a learning di...

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PCG takes part in #VegasStrong

       Last week, Principal of PCG, Tony Brown, and Health Services Business Analyst, Miles Brown, met in Nevada to run the Las Vegas Marathon.  The two were motivated after a #VegasStrong initiative began.  The phrase has become a rallying theme as the Las Vegas community regroups in the aftermath of the deadliest shooting in U.S. history, taking 58 lives and injuring almost 500, on the first day of October in 2017.

      PCG's Las Vegas office contributed $250 to the National Center for Victims of Crime's Last Vegas Fund. Donations can be made online. Tony is very familiar with marathons, especially the Boston Marathon. PCG's corporate office is located in Boston and Tony has raced many times. Coming on the heels of the shooting there, the race in Las Vegas had the same resilient feeling of the Boston Marathon a year after those bombings.

Miles (left) and Tony (right) at the 2017 Las Vegas Marathon

       PCG Cares was created to encourage employees to get involved and give back to the communities we serve.  As so, PCG Cares wants to help raise awareness about the #VegasStrong initiative.  We are sending Las Vegas love and light this holiday season as friends and family remember all of those effected by the shooting.